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second season of the popular web series Kota Factory is being released
today. Let us tell you that the story of the first season is going to be
shown further in this new season. According to the information
received, there is a preparation to beautifully show the story of the
pressure and struggle of the students in the coaching hub. Season 2 will
show Vaibhav’s struggles in Maheshwari coaching class. Let us also tell
all of you that this month the trailer of the show was released in
which a glimpse of the life of Vaibhav, Balmukund, and Uday has been

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Factory Season 2 has most of the cast of the first season. This list
includes Jitendra Kumar Jeetu Bhaiya, Mayur More Vaibhav, Ahsaas Channa
Uday’s girlfriend Shivangi, Revathi Pillai Vaibhav’s love, Urvi Singh
topper Meenal. Sameer Saxena who had a cameo in the first season as the
head of Maheshwari Classes will be seen doing a blast in this season. On
the other hand, if you are watching the second season, then you should
also know about the first season or else you will not understand

Kota Factory Season 2 Star Cast

Factory Season 2 star casts are Jitendra
Kumar Jitu Bhaiya, Mayur More Vaibhav, Ahsaas Channa Uday’s girlfriend
Shivangi, Revathi Pillai Vaibhav’s love, Urvi Singh Topper Meenal.
Sameer Saxena did a cameo in the first season as the head of Maheshwari
Classes and his role will be bigger this season.

What shows can I watch for free?

No, you cannot watch this series for free on Netflix. You have to take a paid subscription to the platform.

how to watch kota factory season 2 free

What a good series?

us tell you that Season 1 got a very good response and it has a rating
of 9.2 in IMDb which is very good. So today enjoy Kota Factory Season 2.

What the director has to say?

Factory director Raghav Subbu has to say about the show that Kota’s
life is very slow and that is why we are taking the story of the show
forward too slowly. Children are always studying there. We want to show
the soul there in this show. 

season starts from where the last season ended. Jeetu Sir aka Jeetendra
Kumar, an important character of this series, has already said goodbye
to Prodigy Classes to open his academy. Where this time this series will
be seen showing the confusion going on in the minds of the children in a
deeper way. In the second season of this series, we have been shown the
story of Vaibhav, Meena and Jeetu sir in a very good way. This time the
story is not limited only to the children living and studying in Kota,
this story has also been seen presenting us strange details related to
the teacher teaching the children. This story starts from where it
ended, due to which the audience will not have any problem in watching
it. Abhishek Yadav, Puneet Batra, Manoj Kalwani and Saurabh Khanna have
written this story in a very brilliant way. Seeing which you will
definitely get completely emotional.

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How is the pace of the series

keep the audience engaged these days, the pace of the series is also
very important. Where this show moves very fast in the beginning but
after a few episodes this series slows down. Where the best jokes of
children will definitely keep you laughing.

Accompaniment had a strong effect

most special thing shown in this show is the effect of sangat, we got
to see this thing in the powerful trailer of this series too. After
which a lot of emphasis has been laid on this in the series as well. In
this series, once again the children have shown that if the story is
good and the handwriting is strong, then the artists do their work very
easily. Yes, after season 1, season 2, all the children understood their
character very well. The glimpse of which is seen in his performance.
You can watch this series once. If you have not seen your season 1, then
watch it first and then watch this too.


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