UP BSc Nursing CNET 2023 General Knowledge (GK) Previous Year Questions Practice

UP Bsc Nursing CNET 2023 Application form has been released. Students have started filling out their forms along with that they also need to preparations. So here we have bought General knowledge (GK) previous questions where you can practice it. 

 BSC Nursing General Knowledge Questions To Practice

Q1. Which of the following has been honored by the British Government, which has won the Dadder Baena Ologi Cultural Award?

A. Pandith dheerobai

B. Asha Kryan

C. Murdab Sharma


Q2. G. Sashiyan ranked first in the national ranking. Which game does it represent?

a) Table tennis

b) Cricket

c) soccer

d) Hockey

Q3. Who won the 2014 Central Bank Governor’s Award?

a) Ragavan Lao

b) Raghuram Rajan

c) Janet Yellen

d) Keshav Madavlal

Q4. Which of the following countries has recently launched a “Gandhi-inspired tourist attraction project”?

a) South Africa

b) India

c) Indonesia

d) South Korea

Q5. Who won the 2014 Manbooker Prize?

a) Janet Yellen

b) Ben Bernanke

c) Further Patel

d) Richard Flanagan

Q6 . WHO’s Southeast Asia Regional Office is located at:

a) Delhi

b) Bombay

c) Hyderabad

d) Calcutta

Q7. The world’s first nursing school

In london

b) India

c) American

d) Italy

Q8. After completing basic nursing training, nurses must register below to practice as an RNRM

a) Bachelor of Science in Nursing from India

b) State Nursing Council


d) Nursing Research Association

Q9. ICN was discovered during the year

a) 1899

b) 1898

c) 1897

d) 1896

Q10. In a typical ward, the ratio of nurses to patients is as follows:

a) 1: 3

b) 1:10

c) 1: 6

d) 1: 7

Q11. GNM school student and teacher rations according to INC standards

a) 1: 7

b) 1:15

c) 1:10

d) 1:20

Q12. The ideal nurse-client ratio in the P12 intensive care unit is:

a) 1: 1 per turn

b) 1: 2 patients per shift

c) 1: 3 patients for 8 hours

d) 1: 2-4 patients

Q13. India India’s mental health law was amended during the year

a) 1987

b) 1986

c) 1985

d) 1984

Q14. India’s revised National Health Policy announced at

a) 2000

b) 2001

c) 2002

d) 2003

V15. Which country held the “Bodhi Parva: BIMSTEC Buddhist Heritage Festival” from December 8th to 10th as part of the BIMSTEC 20th Anniversary?

a) Myanmar

b) India

c) Sri Lanka

d) Thailand

Q16. When will International Day of Persons with Disabilities be celebrated?

a) December 1st

b) December 3rd

c) December 15th

d) December 22

Q17. Which country does the cyclone name Ockhi come from?

a) Bangladesh (meaning of okki: eyes)

b) Pakistan

c) Nepal

d) Bhutan

Q18. When is International Day of Yoga celebrated?

a) June 21

b) March 21

c) April 22

d) May 31st

Q19. India’s mental health law was amended during the year

a) 1987

b) 1986

c) 1985

d) 1984

Q20. When will World Ground Day be celebrated?

a) December 5th

b) September 5th

c) March 21

d) December 10th

Q20. Who was named Person of the Year 2017 by Time Magazine?

a) Donald Trump

b) Silencer

c) Barack Obama

d) Rex Tillerson

Q21. “Towards a Pollution-Free Earth” is the theme of the 3rd United Nations Conference on the Environment. Where was it? Recently executed

a) Nairobi

b) Kenya

c) Zimbabwe

d) South Africa

Q22. When will Navy Day be celebrated?

a) February 4th

b) December 4th

c) April 7th

d) January 9th

BSC Nursing GK Answers

  1. Murdab Sharma
  2. Table tennis
  3. Raghuram Rajan
  4. South Africa
  5. Richard Flanagan
  6. Delhi
  7. India
  8. State Nursing Council
  9. 1899
  10. 1:6
  11. 1:10
  12. 1:2-4 patients
  13. 1987
  14. 2002
  15. India
  16. December 3rd
  17. Bangladesh
  18. June 21
  19. 1987
  20. December 5th
  21. Nairobi
  22. December 4th

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