SPPU conducts the second term (Summer Session AY 2021) Examination from May 2021

Conduct of the second term (Summer Session AY 2020-21) Examinations.

As per the decision taken by the statutory authorities of the Savitribai Phule Pune University examinations shall be conducted for the second term of the academic year 2020-21.

(A) Schedule for filling examination application forms:

Online examination form filling facility for regular and backlog programs shall be made available to all concerned students gradually in the months of May-June 2021 for various programs/disciplines from 15 May 2021. The last date for filling the examination application form for any program shall be 15 days after the first day of opening the examination form link. Following students shall be considered to be eligible for filling the examination forms for regular, backlog, and repeater examinations scheduled in July-August 2021.

1. Regular students for the current semester subjects and backlog subjects.
2. Those students who had become eligible to appear for the examinations of the third year after passing the first-year program and so on and those had been provisionally admitted. These students will be eligible to appear for all beads of the passing of both semesters simultaneously subject to the inward of their examination application forms by the concerned affiliated colleges.
3. External program students.
4. Students intended for the class improvement and
5. Students intended for BSc to BSc and BA to BA examinations (subject to the condition that their admissions are approved by the authority and considered eligible for the said program.)

(B) Mode of filling the examination forms:

Considering the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the facility is made available to all eligible students to fill the examination forms online and make payment directly to the examination section through the online payment gateway facilities. Efforts are made to simplify the procedure for the convenience of students. Contribution of the affiliated colleges from the examination fees shall be sent by the University to them in near future.

(C) Examination form inward process:

The facility shall be made available by the examination section to all concerned affiliated colleges/institutes to inward the examination forms of their college students. Students shall be eligible to make payment of examination fees through the payment gateway facility only after the inward of their application by the concerned affiliated college. The Principal and the College Examination Officers of the affiliated college’s institutions are requested to complete the process of inward of examination application forms in stipulated time.

(D) Preparation of summary candidates appearing for the examination:

Efforts will be made by the examination section to prepare the course-wise summary of candidates enrolled for the examination within eight days of the last date for inward of applications by the affiliated colleges. Summary of candidates enrolled for the second term of the academic year 2020-21 for regular and backlog subjects shall be made available by the examination section to the affiliated colleges for marks entry,

(E) Conduct College-level examinations

Considering the Covid-19 pandemic situation, responsibilities for the conduct of in-semester culminations online examinations and seminal examinations are assigned to all affiliated colleges/institutions by using an appropriate mode of examination and strictly sticking to the COVID-19 pandemic norms declared by the Government authorities. These marks shall be filled after the opening of the internal marks web-portal link for the second term of the academic year 2020-21.

The practical/oral/term work/seminar/mini-project/project and dissertation evaluation mode may be the combination of continuous evaluation, preliminary examination, mid-semester examination, internal evaluation, or under any title for student progression by the concerned colleges/institutions. Affiliated colleges are instructed to complete term work, oral and practical, seminars, mini projects, project work, and dissertation examinations of even and odd terms on or before 15 June 2021. The panel of examiners appointed by the Principal of the college shall fill the marks for term work, oral and practical, seminar, mini-projects, project work, and dissertation of UG and PG level candidates latest by 25 June 2021. Honorarium as per the prevailing rules and regulations shall be paid to all concerned.

(F) End-semester examinations:

As per the decision of the statutory bodies, end-semester examinations shall be conducted using online mode from any convenient place of the candidate. There will be 60 questions for each online examination. Correctly solved 50 questions shall be considered for the evaluation of the candidate. The duration of each examination shall be one hour. Time table for the end-semester examination shall get displayed well in advance on the University web portal. User ID and password for the online examination shall be communicated to students through their students profile system, email, and through their registered mobile number.

(G) Result processing:

Result processing for the first term examination and second term examination of the academic year 2020-21 shall be done simultaneously. Results will get declared in August 2021. Priority shall be given for the declaration of results of the final year students.

(H) Standard operating procedure for the autonomous programs and courses or specific programs having academic autonomy (as per the guidelines mentioned in Circular Number 125).

Rules and regulations for the autonomous institutions (UG and PG programs) will be identical and at par with the affiliated institutions. Result processing of autonomous courses and various UG and PG programs run in affiliated colleges as per Circular Number 125 shall be done simultaneously along with the other examinations for which result processing is done by the examination section of the Savitribai Phule Pune University. The final ledger shall be sent to the examination section of the Savitribai Phule Pune University within 30 days of the last date of the conduct of the examination. Colleges submitting the results after the aforesaid period of 30 days need to submit a report incorporating the detailed reasons for such delay.

For the final semester/final year examinations to be held in June-July 2021, it is expected that the final ledger copy of all autonomous courses under Circular Number 125 for both UG and PG programs be sent to the University Office well before the scheduled time of declaration of results. All Principals/Directors of the affiliated colleges and recognized institutions shall communicate all these relevant details to students, teaching, and supporting staff. 

Students can check about examination from the official website i.e Student Login: Exam Form login

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