Some Basic Concept of Chemistry Neet MCQs : Mole concept Practice Questions 2022

 For the students of science and the aspirants of NEET, chemistry is an important subject. It primarily deals with the study of the composition of matter substances, understanding their properties and reactions, and using those reactions in forming the new substances. And the very first chapter of class 11 chemistry is “Some basic concepts of chemistry”, which is also an important chapter in the NEET Syllabus because NEET includes all the chapters of the class 11 book in its syllabus.

Therefore, to master this chapter the NEET Aspirants must solve the question of the same. And the best way to do that is to solve the multiple-choice questions that have the same level of difficulty as that of the real exam. And hence, Edutyee website has brought to all the aspirants of NEET multiple-choice type questions for the chapter of Some basic concepts of Chemistry”

Tips on Attempting the MCQs of a Few Basic Concepts of Chemistry.

Aspirants may find the following tips helpful before attempting or solving the objective questions from the chapter “Some basic concepts of Chemistry”.

  • First and foremost thing is to study all the topics of the “Some basic concepts of chemistry”, because it introduces the students to the rather advanced level of chemistry, such as state of matter, properties of matter and their measurement etc. And the MCQs are coming from these topics.

  • Students must develop the habit of making and maintaining the notes while studying the chapter, and must revise the same, before solving the MCQs from this chapter. If the students have not made a proper note of the chapter, do not worry because you can find detailed notes here: Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 1 Notes – Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry.

  • After revising the notes, the students must solve the Multiple-choice questions that Vedantu provides for free. Students must solve these questions as they would be solving the real exam questions.

  • After solving all the questions, students must check and compare the answers, and whichever answer they have got wrong, they must revise that portion of the chapter of “Some basic concepts of chemistry”.

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