NTA claims it has received requests to postpone NEET-UG

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has received petitions from students requesting a postponement of the NEET-UG exam, which is scheduled for July 17.

NTA also stated that no changes to the timetable have been made so far in response to a request made under the Right To Information (RTI) Act.

neet-ug 2022 postpone

Many students who are slated to take the NEET-UG test have been pleading with officials to postpone the exam by 30 to 45 days.

At around 7 p.m. on Saturday, the hashtag #JusticeForNEETUG was trending on Twitter, with over 1.41 lakh tweets.


  •  @tara_suzu wrote “Frankly speaking if government just postpone the #NEETUG2022 for 20 days i would be more than happy. Something is better than nothing.” 
  • @Postpone_ug_pg wrote “#NEETUG2022 Aspirants concerns have reached the competent authorities. Now it’s upto the officials. Aspirants keep studying. Well wishers push to authorities is ongoing. All keep studying&we keep supporting.”  

Students also left comments on YouTube and Instagram, among other social media channels.

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  • Neha Kumari wrote “It’s accepted from NTA’s side that they never understand medical student problem. NTA always support JEE students.” Kumari added that NTA gives more than one attempt to JEE students and this year their exam was postponed as well. 
  • A user who went by the name “One Man” wrote that it’s time to rethink career options. “I’ll suggest my juniors to not opt for Biology batch when they get in 11th. And if they choose Biology then I’ll strongly suggest them to not choose Medical as their field,” he wrote on the YouTube comments section.
  • Priya Sisodia wrote “We will try till the last (moment) and JEE got postponed few days before so I will not lose hope and also study hard.”
  • Username Dr Vicky wrote “Why only 90 days for 98 chapters???? and why always love for JEE students????” 
  • Another user by the name ‘Hande Ercel’ wrote “JEE ka 15 din pehle hua tha…..hope so hoga it will be very beneficial for all of us.” (JEE was postponed just 15 days before).

Many students used the hashtag #PleaseDelayNEETUG on Twitter. The following text was found in a photo that was circulated online and compared the 2022 and 2021 exams. “Last year NEET was held on September 12 and this year scheduled for July 17. Droppers are not getting even 10 months. Took time for counseling, took time for declaring results, everything was done in such an irresponsible way,”

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