Is the NEET 2022 exam postponed or not? News from the government and Twitter Trends

On July 17, in locations across the country, the National Eligibility and Entrance Test for Undergraduates (NEET-UG) will be administered in pen and paper format. Because the UG medical entrance examination has been held in September for the past two years, but will now be held in July this year. The NEET-UG application process is currently underway at To learn more about NEET 2022, read the article.Is the NEET 2022 exam postponed or not? News from the government and Twitter Trends.

NEET 2022 Postponed or not?

The announcement that the National Eligibility Entrance Test for Postgraduate Studies, often known as NEET PG 2022, has been postponed has gone viral on social media sites. According to a press release published by the Press Information Bureau, the information about the NEET PG deferral is untrue, and the Medical Counselling Committee has not issued any such notice. Candidates for NEET 2022 have taken to social media to demand that the UG medical entrance examination be postponed.

The false announcement circulating on social media platforms claims that the NEET-PG examination has been postponed by the relevant authorities. According to the notice, the NEET PG 2022 examination has not been postponed by the competent authorities.

The hashtag “postpone NEET-UG 2022” is still trending on Twitter, despite the fact that NTA has not provided any updates. Students are continuing urging that the test be delayed to September using the hashtag #PostponeNEETUG2022. Despite the fact that the majority of students seek a NEET exam postponement, the following article will help you understand what they want.

NEET Postpone Students Explaining Reason

The applicants also highlighted their dissatisfaction with the NBE’s allocation of insufficient gap days between the NEET PG 2021 counselling and the NEET PG 2022 test in their letter. “According to NMC regulation, there must be sufficient time between the end of one counselling session and the start of the next assessment session.

This year, however, all India counselling will be done by May 3, 2022, and state counselling will begin shortly after that, possibly lasting until the middle or end of the month. The test will be held on May 21, just a few days after All India counselling. It appears to be unfair. “The National Medical Center is adamant about not delaying the test,” the letter said, “since they want to start the session by August.”

They are unclear whether to attend counselling or study for the test due to the ‘inadequate time gap’ between the two. “The MCC has changed the counselling schedule nearly seven times this year, and both the national and state mop-up rounds have been cancelled.” “How could we possibly study with all of the uncertainties created by these test bodies?” the students wondered.

NEET Postpone by 2 Months

The physicians also brought up a previous Union Health Ministry delay order, which asked the NBE to postpone NEET PG 2022 by 6-8 weeks due to a conflict with the NEET PG 2021 counselling session. “In the previous delay order, Honorable HFM had specifically requested that NBE offer a 6- to 8-week break, but due to MCC’s inability to complete counselling on time, we have once again found ourselves in the same situation.”

We would lose a significant year of our professional careers because the NEET PG test is only held once a year and roughly 1.5 lakh physicians take part in it. “Why should students suffer simply to avoid financial harm to NBE and NMC, which is a direct result of their irresponsibility?” the letter said.

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