How To Prepare For Class 12th Board Exams: The Ultimate Study Guide

How To Prepare For Class 12th Board Exams: The Ultimate Study Guide

As a 12th class CBSE student, my board exams are right around the corner. I’m nervous and excited all at the same time. Here are some of the things I wish I knew before my board exams:
 1. Start studying early
2. Don’t cram
3. Be kind to yourself
4. Get enough sleep
5. Take a break
6. Study in groups
7. Take care of your health
8. Get a tutor
9. Get a study buddy
10. Track your progress

Start studying early

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I often asked myself this question. But here’s my reasoning: I wasn’t ready for it, I was busy with other things, and I ended up going through the most amount of stress I ever had before, and I am not even in my final year of high school! So, when you are preparing for your board exams, start preparing as early as possible. Also, avoid cramming all your things. It may be fine for some students but not for others. You may end up missing some important questions that you don’t study in detail. If you are nervous, get a tutor! Sometimes, it can help you avoid making mistakes. Get a study buddy, especially in the first half. It’s easier to revise with a friend. Don’t cram One of the easiest ways to kill your time is to fill your head with several topics. Don’t do this.

Don’t cram

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As a student, the most important thing I learned from my college days was to not cram the night before the exams and get up early to study properly. Have some specific subjects for the night and the day before the exam. Use a Study Buddy Having a study buddy is a very important thing to ensure you stay focused during the exam. Work on your study plan together and avoid group work. Take breaks and work on some practical tasks to keep yourself mentally occupied. Be Kind To Yourself Don’t think you’re stupid or something. Don’t go over and over again, repeat the same information. Do the best you can and stop thinking about it! Don’t Repeat The Same Questions Do not repeat the same questions if you don’t get it right. You should attempt every question, even the difficult ones.

Be kind to yourself

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This has been drilled into our heads from the time we enter school, but we all fall prey to the idea of studying from 1st to 12th standard with no breaks in between. Of course, if you’re a working student, then this is the most impractical thing you can do, but there’s no harm in taking a break after an hour or two. Treat your mind like a muscle. Don’t try to get stronger if your muscles are weak.

Get enough sleep

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When preparing for a long-term activity like exams, you need to allow enough time to get sufficient sleep. Go to bed at least two hours before the time you have to wake up for your exams. If you feel that you aren’t getting enough sleep, get a sleep alarm. A nap, even if for only 20 minutes is worth it. You will feel refreshed and ready for your day. Remember to take a hot shower before going to bed. Your skin will get soft and fresh after the hot shower. Spend time studying Cramming is the way to go for a few days before the exam. I see students doing a couple of hours of study every single day. That is a great way to get you through a month’s worth of studying. But cramming is not the way to go for the most important exam of your life.

Take a break

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You’ve been told time and again not to cram, but in the final stretch, there’s no time to waste, so please, take a break. You need to prepare for your board exams properly. Consume energy-boosting foods like vegetables and chicken instead of sweet food. Know your study routine Cramming for exams is easier said than done. A scientific study showed that cramming can increase the chance of failure by 88%. Try to block out time for homework. Don’t forget your schedule while studying. Break the routine to avoid monotony and stagnation. So, plan to go to the library instead of your study room, if you can. Find a study buddy It helps keep you motivated. It’s always good to have someone to check your work and offer you support during the exams.

Study in groups

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If you’re struggling to prepare for your exams with friends, there’s no shame in setting up a study group. Once you begin, you’ll get a lot of help and motivation from your friends. They’ll be there for you when you get stuck, too. Include others to help out If you’re not able to do all of the studying by yourself, ensure that you’re getting help from people who you trust. You don’t have to share your studies with your friends, but you should at least let them know that you’re not in a good mental space to share your stress with them. Take a break Although it’s not healthy to stop studying, it’s good to take some time off and give your mind a rest. When you do this, you’ll feel refreshed, and then you’ll be able to tackle the next task that you need to take care of.

Take care of your health

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I know you’re stressed and tired, but you must take care of yourself. Check your blood pressure and get a check-up done, if needed. Try not to skip your meals and make sure to take enough water. You’re not a machine, and you cannot take on the exam on an empty stomach. Eat before you head to school and have a healthy breakfast. Don’t cram I don’t know about you, but cramming for an exam just makes me stressed out. It’s a method to help you remember a lot of details in an extremely short period of time, which makes it difficult to understand what’s going on. And it might not work for everyone. Learn when to study and how much time you should be spending. Be kind to yourself This year, it’s not just about getting good grades or scoring high marks.

Get a tutor

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“From January, we plan to have a tutor in our class,” says 9th class CBSE student, Esha Tiwari. To make sure you’re keeping up with your studies, having a mentor to ask questions and give you advice on your results is key. Some parents take matters into their own hands, by signing their kids up for online coaching. But that can prove expensive—especially if you have a busy schedule and may not have the time to spend on the classes. Also, you’ll need to give your teacher a list of topics you want to study, and a list of which days and times you need to study them. Study in groups In high school, you may have been at the top of the class or your class. But to make sure you’re getting the same goals as your other classmates, join a study group.

Get a study buddy

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Find a friend, neighbor, or sibling who is studying as well and spend some time with each other. It’ll help you catch up with what the other one is learning and you’ll be able to discuss and plan. I found out that studies with friends can make your life much easier. On days when you don’t feel like studying, go hang out with your buddies and take a break from the books. Don’t cram Racking your brains to memorize new material is never going to help you pass the exam. There are too many subjects, too many parts to learning and too many tasks in which you have to know all of it. Remember that you’re not at school anymore. Focus on getting a good grip on the things that matter and you’ll be okay. Just find time and keep quiet for a couple of days. After that, get on with it!

Track your progress

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I hate testing, and to be honest, I hate the idea of looking at something I’ve just studied. So, rather than focus on the exam, I would rather log what I’ve done. I use Study notes and for my notes. I just click on the test date, read through the question paper, and jot down my answers. For instance, if I’m writing for Physics, I would write down “Molecular Weight = A = B = X, A” for each question and list the variables in the answer. On Tycho, I add in the numeric answers of the variables and keep a running score. For each day, I’d complete the tests I had assigned and also write in my answer sheet what I had done and how much I had to go before I could go home. There is a lot of risks and a lot of rewards when it comes to tracking your performance.

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