How to make Education Gap Certificate? What is Affidavit?

Gap Certificate – In College University, Student has been asked at the time of enrollment, if you taken a gap of studies due to some reason in college. Then you must have gap certificate for further process.

To say in easy language, if you have left your studies after doing 12th, again after 1 year or even more, if you want to resume studies. For that you will need a Gap Certificate, then only your enrollment will be taken in the university or college. So whatever time you have taken the gap, you will have to get the certificate made, today we will discuss this topic in full details. 

Gap Certificate and Affidavit Difference

A gap certificate, also known as a gap affidavit, is a self-declared certificate made on non-judicial stamp paper. It justifies the sudden short-term or long-term breaks you’ve taken during your academic course.

Note: Affidavit (शपथपत्र) is known as Shapath Patra.

Reasons For a Gap Certificate

There can be many reasons that keep you away from studies, however, if seen, the gap can be from one year to many years, we have given some reasons below, due to which students take a gap from their studies.

  • Serious health problems may also be personal events
  • employment or business
  • money problems
  • other exam preparation
  • sports or hobbies
  • other personal reasons.

We have seen above about the reasons for having gap and there can be many other reasons for leaving college university. Now we need to get Gap Certificate, so let’s learn how to make Gap Year Certificate.

How to Create Gap Certificate 

There are two method for creating Gap Certificate which are mentioned below:

1. How to Create Online Gap Certificate

gap year affidavit

If you want to make your Gap certificate online, then first you have to go to a website, then you have to fill the question asked on that website, it is also necessary to have some documents like – Your Name, Mother name, Father name, Gap Reason, State name, the purpose of making Gap year certificate, Address, Email id, Mobile number, Mark sheet 10/12th, etc. If you know all this, then you can fill out this form, you can follow some steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Go to

Open this website, after opening the page, you need to fill out the online form

Step 2: Completely fill the online form

Step 3: Add To Cart

Step 4: Pay Rs.300

Now after creating your Gap certificate, it will reach your given address. 

2. How to Create Offline Gap Certificate

You will need a stamp paper, which the lawyer needs to make it. Also, lawyers have it. 

If you go to a lawyer, he will tell you that you should take the stamp paper Rs 100 Or Rs 50 but you can do with Rs 10 stamp paper as well.

Now you have to get NOTARY done by lawyer. Once again in easy way, I will tell you how to make a gap certificate offline below.

  • Take a stamp paper of Rs. 10 or 100
  • Tell your reasons to lawyer who will type it on stamp paper.
  • Get NOTARY from the Lawyer on stamp paper

Now your gap certificate has been created, now you can enroll in college and university by showing your gap certificate. 

Study Gap Affidavit Form



Then your work is done, now your Gap Certificate is ready, we sincerely hope that you must have created your Gap Certificate easily, if you like this post of ours, then definitely share it with your friends so that it also helps a little.

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