Gujarat SEB Exam TET 2 Result 2023 Announced: Only 15.76% Clear the Teacher Eligibility Test

The Gujarat State Education Board (SEB) declared the results of the Teacher Eligibility Test 2 (TET-2) on Thursday, revealing a pass rate of just 15.76%. Out of the 2.37 lakh candidates who appeared for the exam, only 37,450 managed to clear the minimum qualifying score of 90 marks out of 150. The TET-2 is a crucial examination for candidates aspiring to secure teaching positions for Classes 6-8 in government schools.

Gujarat TET 2 Exam Result 2023

The state examination board released data indicating that a staggering 84.24% of candidates, totaling around 2 lakh, fell short of the minimum qualifying score. For general category candidates, a minimum score of 90 marks was required, while reserved category candidates needed a minimum of 82 marks.

The TET, which determines eligibility for teaching positions in government schools, is conducted twice a year. TET 1 pertains to teaching jobs for Class 1-5, while TET 2 is for Class 6-8. The most recent TET exam took place in April 2023, marking the first time it was conducted since 2017.

According to the board’s records, a total of 2,84,523 candidates registered for the TET-2 examination, which was held across various cities including Ahmedabad city, Ahmedabad rural, Rajkot, Vadodara, Surat, Gandhinagar, Junagadh, Bhavnagar, and Jamnagar.

Answer keys for the examination were published on May 3, allowing candidates to seek clarifications if needed. Ultimately, only 22,162 general category candidates achieved a score of 90 marks or above. Notably, one candidate stood out by securing an impressive 135 marks, the highest recorded in the examination.

The notification for the TET examination was issued in October 2022, with the initial plan to conduct the exam in February or March of the following year. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, the examination was postponed to April 2023.

Candidates seeking to recheck their OMR sheets have until June 30 to apply. To register for the re-evaluation process, candidates must upload their hall tickets and pay a fee of Rs 100.

Mathematics and Science Witnesses Highest Number of Successful Candidates

Subject-wise analysis of the results revealed that the highest number of candidates passed in the Mathematics and Science category, with 20,135 individuals successfully clearing the examination. On the other hand, the Languages category witnessed a larger number of candidates failing, as only 4,481 candidates managed to pass compared to 100,673 who did not. In the Social Science category, 12,834 candidates succeeded, while 55,043 did not.

Science, Maths20,13544,53464,669
Social Science12,83455,04367,877
Success Rate31.149%15.7696%

Among the candidates who received their results, only one individual achieved a remarkable score of 135 marks out of 150, placing them at the top of the examination rankings. Additionally, 259 candidates secured scores ranging between 120-134 marks, while 4,316 candidates obtained scores within the 105-119 mark range.

Candidates who wish to pursue teaching positions in government schools but fell short of the qualifying score in the TET-2 examination may consider exploring alternative options or preparing for the next opportunity to appear for the test.

The announcement of the TET-2 results emphasizes the significance of the examination and the need for aspiring teachers to enhance their knowledge and preparation to meet the stringent requirements of the selection process.

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