Dr. Kirankumar Bondar Writes letter for the Extension of deadline for students to apply online for scholarship through MahaDBT portal

Extension of deadline for students to apply online for
scholarship schemes through Mahadbt portal


Dr. Kirankumar Bondar Writes letter to all registrar of the
Maharashtra Universities for the Extension of deadline for students to apply
online for scholarship.

In view of the above, it is informed that Mahadbt Portal
has been developed by the Department of Information Technology, Ministry,
Mumbai for online implementation of scholarship schemes of various departments
of the State Government implemented by the Directorate of Higher Education.
This includes 14 scholarship schemes implemented by the Directorate of Higher
Education. For the year 2019-20.

To re-apply the application for the students who have
already filled the application as well as for the students who are eligible for
the said scholarship scheme for the academic year 2020-21 but have not yet
applied for the application from the Mahadbt portal. The extension has been
given till 05.08.2022. This is the last chance given to the students to fill
the application for the academic year 2020-21. No further extension will be
given, the scholarship should be given to the eligible students by the
college/institution university by giving instructions to the students through
various social media.

Scholarship applications filed by students must be processed
daily at the institution as well as department level. Under no circumstances
should any online application be kept pending at the
institution/college/university level. Also, the application should be completed
only after completing the errors of the online application reverted while
scouting (required documents – domicile only in the name of the applicant
student and attachment of income certificate for the year 2019-20 if the parent
/ married student is the husband)

To be forwarded. Relating to future issues arising out of
pending applications

The registrar of the university and the principal of the
college will be fully responsible. Information on the attendance of the
concerned students to avail the second installment scholarship benefit to the
students. Immediate action should be taken on the scholarship application of
the students. Without forwarding the scholarship application to the next stage
by mentioning the attendance information from the Institute Langone, the
concerned student.
Scholarships are not disbursed.

Also, the distribution of scholarship schemes implemented by
the Directorate of Higher Education has started at present. For this, students
should log in to their profiles and check the status of their applications. If
the benefit is distributed through DDO, the Rhodium button is activated. All
the students should be immediately notified through various social media to
claim the beautiful redemption button. Scholarship sanctioned students should
be given Aadhar Link Bank through Mahadiboti and PFMS system.

To provide Aadhaar Link Bank Account, the concerned students
have to click on the Rhodome button. Also, those students who have filled up
the scholarship application through the MahaDBT portal by using the option of
application form without Aadhaar will update the Aadhaar number and the benefit
of the scholarship will be given to the students in the bank account with their
Aadhaar link. This matter should be brought to the notice of the concerned
scholars immediately.

Students and universities/institutes/colleges should
complete all the procedures related to online application and redemption button
received and pending on Mahadbt portal in time. If any eligible student from
the university/institution/college is deprived of the scholarship due to
non-receipt of information about the scholarship, the entire responsibility
will rest with the registrar of the concerned university and the principal of
the college.

–(Dr. Kirankumar Bondar) Joint Director, Higher Education
Pune Division, Pune

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