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Dhamaka Review: The film’s story-screenplay is in the making, Karthik Aryan could not fix his eyes
Kartik Aaryan Movie Dhamaka Review In Hindi: Till now you have seen Kartik Aaryan in romantic and comedy roles. He is completely serious in Dhamaka. His monologue, that is, a long dialogue spoken fluently alone, is also not here. Looking at them and talking about them does not make you laugh. The one-hour 40-minute film Dhamaka, released on Netflix, gives Aryan’s fans a chance to see him in a new avatar. It is a Hindi remake of the Korean film The Terror Live (2013). You can guess from the title itself that there is also terror and explosions here.

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CastKartik Aryan, Mrunal Thakur, Amruta Subhash, Vikas Kumar, Vishwajeet Pradhan
DirectorRam Madhvani

Dhamaka Movie Story

The film takes place in the radio broadcast room of TRTV, a media house in Mumbai, where RJ Arjun Pathak (Karthik Aryan) receives a call during his radio show that there is going to be an explosion on the C-Link. In a few moments, there is a blast and seeing the sea-link burning smoke from the office window, Arjun understands that the caller, Raghubir, was not joking. The question is, what is Raghubir’s motive? This also comes to the fore quickly, when he makes another call. He says that Minister Jaidev Patil should apologize to him in front of the whole country. Why Raghubir wants the minister’s apology, will the minister come and apologize in front of the camera, will the bomber be caught, why did he call Arjun, leave all the channels, etc? The story goes on searching for answers to all the questions. The radio broadcast room is quickly converted into a trust TV newsroom. Whose anchor is Arjun?

Dhamaka Netflix Movie Arjun Life

Arjun’s married life, prime time chair in news channel, TRP games, co-workers’ tussle, bribery, news and difference of truth, some things would have been about the anger of that poor laborer in the periphery of the story adorned with explosions. Which is always buried in the foundation in the name of nation-building. Kehne Ko Dhamaka is the story of the world of news, with anchor Arjun describing the Sea-Link blast as terrorism, but only whispers in the story-screening and filming. First of all, this film is basically technology-dependent and it has been prepared by computer VFX by shooting in a studio in 10 days. But the matter did not work out.

Netflix Dhamak 2021 Movie Trailer

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After the first twenty minutes, the needle remains stuck for an hour on whether the minister will come to ask. Till then Arjun has to engage Raghubir in the talks. Here such things of the office and his career come to the fore, which have no merit. What do you do when you come to the studio with the Anti-Terrorist Squad, you do not understand at all. The episode of Minister’s Junior in between is childish. The film does not explain how, where and when Raghubir planted bombs in studios, C-Link and buildings. The graphic visuals of C-Link are crude. There is no reporter other than Arjun’s wife Saumya Mehra Pathak (Mrunal Thakur). Mrunal Thakur has nothing to do in the film and in the name of action, she is shown saving a girl child from a car ready to fall from a bridge. Only two news channels and one reporter are seen covering such a big incident of blasts on C-Link. Mumbai is visible from a camera mounted in the air at a height of hundreds of feet. The stir or stampede caused by land, people, and blasts is zero.

In fact, this remake of a Korean film has been made in the same style as a reporter reporting an incident in the newspapers sitting at the table and writing a copy. Without going by chance. There is neither sound nor effect in the blast. Karthik Aryan was not a TV anchor. There are neither gestures of anchors on his face nor grown-up. The smartness of the anchors is also missing from their character. One scene in the movie is funny. Here, Arjun, who is doing live, is accused of taking bribes for not running a piece of news and on the other hand, the anchor sitting in another channel connects the line to him and starts asking for clarification on the allegations live. You can laugh at this explosive understanding of the makers. For Aryan to leave romance-comedy and adopt this seriousness, it is like a proverbial saying that shaving his head.

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