Demand Draft(DD) for College Fees

Banks and other financial institutions provide several customised
transactional facilities such as demand draft, bank challan, account
payee cheque, etc for paying college fees and registration fees. DD for
college fees.

DD (Demand Draft) is basically like a cheque. The bank which issues the DD take the responsibility of the payment which is to be made.

This is a very simple process that you have to carry out during admissions process. You just have to visit a bank closest to your college and just ask bank officer that you want demand draft for your admission, they will provide you a form which you have to fill in which you have to mention your account number, name, fee amount in number and words, payable at-name of your college with City pin code and state and then you will submit that form, then they will return you a cheque form paper which you have to submit at your college during admissions. 

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