CBSE class 10th maths exam 2021 answer key to be out soon

 The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has succesfully conducted class 10th Mathematics exam 2021, for term 1 today. The two CBSE papers, Mathematics (Basic) and Mathematics (Standard) began at 11:30 am and ended at 1:00 pm. Here are the CBSE class 10th maths exam 2021 answer key.

cbse class 10 math exam answer key

According to the students, mathematics paper was quite easy to solve. Some of the students said that questions of Part-B in the maths paper were a little tricky.

The candidates were asked to reach the examination hall before exam time. Students were instructed to report prior to the examination hall, at 11:00 am. Also, at the beginning of the exam, students got 20 minutes for reading the question paper carefully.CBSE class 10th maths exam answer key 2021

We will update the whole answer key with questions and analyses, once we get it. Here are the questions.

CBSE Class 10 Maths Analysis 2021

Analysing the basic paper, the teacher said that the paper was lengthy, but the difficulty level was average. “Apart from the case studies which was lengthy and have few calculation based questions, the difficulty level of the paper can be termed as moderate,” he said.

Seema Behl, Principal, Brain International School said, “The Maths paper for standard level was balanced with moderate difficulty level. Section B was comparatively more difficult as compared to rest of the paper . The students found the paper lengthy and 30 per cent of the questions in the paper were considered to be difficult, 20 per cent easy and 50 per cent was considered as average. The students found the paper lengthy and hence struggled to complete the paper in time.”

“The Basic Math Paper was comparatively easier and was drafted to test the conceptual ability of the child but the first Case study was very difficult and hence took a lot of time. Instructions for Section C in terms of internal choices varied from those in the sample papers in both the papers. In sample papers, the candidates have to attempt any 8 out of 10 questions, while in the paper today the options were reduced to 4 out of 5 in each case study,” the principal said.

Mala Kapoor, Principal, Silverline Prestige School, Ghaziabad said, “The paper consists of 50 MCQ. The students have to attempt 40 questions. Two case studies were also included. Trigonometry questions were a little tricky. Similar Triangles questions were based on real concepts. Students were happy with the paper. Overall it was a balanced paper.”

Anand Jain, a Kendriya Vidyalaya student said that the basic paper was lengthy and difficult. “The case study portions were the most difficult one, and the options were also reduced. The sample papers had 8 out of 10 questions, while in the paper today it was 4 out of 5.” Moreover, the paper was tricky and time-consuming, and it was difficult to complete the paper within time.

CBSE will release the Class 10 Maths term 1 2021 answer key after the teachers upload the OMR sheets on the CBSE portal. The exam is being conducted in OMR sheets for the first time. The candidates can only use black or blue point pen to darken the correct option. The CBSE class 10 term 1 exam will be concluded on December 11. For details on CBSE board exams, please visit the website-

Disclaimer: The solution key for CBSE Class 10 Maths, provided here is
for reference only and is not final. Following the announcement of the
results, the board is scheduled to release the official CBSE Class 10
maths answer key. While compiling the answers to this paper, precautions
were taken. However, there may be some queries and answers related to
specific concerns.

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