All India Aakash Test Series for NEET 2022 – AIATS 2022 PDF Free Download

The All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS) 2022 PDF tests shall be conducted in only online mode till the government allows for coaching institutes to operate fully in offline mode and accordingly students shall be notified from time to time. Also, the AIATS tests shall be available to attempt online for 48 hours from its scheduled date of the test. e.g. If a test is scheduled on 26th December 2021 then the test shall be made live at 10:00 AM on 26th December and will be available till 10:00 AM on 28th December 2021. 

Post that students shall not be able to attempt the test to get All India Rank however tests shall be available for attempt later also, wherein students shall be able to get reference ranking only. Test Timings are subject to change hence please check the Timings from the respective Centre / DLP department before the Exam Date. The venue of AIATS is subject to change on short notice in case the exam is scheduled in offline mode. 

How is AAKASH Test Series Helpful? 

For any competitive exam, preparation is the key to success. And to ensure you prepare in the right way & right direction, it is very important to have precise tools. In order to crack competitive exams, you need to prepare in an exhaustive manner understanding all the concepts and topics in a clear way.

Moreover, the test series include questions from all the topics to help you understand the concepts in a better way. As most of your syllabus gets covered in test papers, you get to have a comprehensive understanding of all the subjects.

TEST 01 :

PHYSICS : Physical World, Units & Measurements, Motion in a Straight Line, Motion in a Plane CHEMISTRY: Some basic concepts of chemistry, Structure of Atom, Classification of elements and periodicity in properties, Chemical bonding, and molecular structure. BIOLOGY : Cell: The Unit of Life, Cell Cycle and Cell Division, The living world, Structural Organisation in Animals–Animal Tissues, Biomolecules, Digestion & Absorption

Test Paper – 01 Question

Test Paper – 01 Solution

TEST 02 :

PHYSICS: Laws of Motion; Work, Energy, and Power; System of Particles and Rotational Motion

CHEMISTRY: States of Matter: Gases and Liquids, Thermodynamics, Equilibrium, Redox Reactions BIOLOGY: Biological Classification & Morphology of Flowering Plants, Breathing & Exchange of Gases, Body Fluids & Circulation, Excretory Products & their Elimination

Test Paper – 02 Question 

Test Paper – 02 Solution

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