ABVMU Paramedical/BSC Nursing Previous Year Physics Questions

Here is the objective question answer of physics of Paramedical Entrance Exam, by reading this you can prepare well for the Paramedical Entrance Exam paramedical inter-level model paper 2022.

 1. The unit of work is

(A) Joule

(B) Newton

(C) Watt

(D) Dine

ANSWER :- (A) Joule

2. Light year is the unit.

(A) distance

(B) of time

(C) of light intensity

(D) of mass

ANSWER :- (A) Distance

3. The ampere unit is –

(A) of light intensity

(B) electric charge

(C) electric current

(D) magnetic field

ANSWER :- (C) of electric current

4. Parsec unit is—

(A) distance

(B) of time

(C) flashes of light

(D) magnetic force

ANSWER :- (A) Distance

5. What is the unit of lumen?

(A) of light intensity

(B) flame flux

(C) Suitable of both

(D) none of these

ANSWER :- (B) Jyoti flux

6. ‘Curie’ is the unit of

(A) of radioactive purity

(B) temperature

(C) of heat

(D) Energy

ANSWER :- (A) of radioactive purity

7. The unit of pressure is-

(A) Pascal

(B) Dine

(C) Arg

(D) Joule

ANSWER :- (A) Pascal

8. Candela is the unit of – 

(A) flame flux

(B) light effect

(C) of light pressure

(D) of light intensity

ANSWER :- (D) of light intensity

9. When was the International System of Units implemented?

(A) 1969 AD

(B) 1971 AD

(C) 1983 AD

(D) 1991 AD

ANSWER :- (B) 1971 AD.

10. In which unit can we measure food energy? ,

(A) Calorie

(B) Kelvin

(C) Joule

(D) Arg

ANSWER :- (A) Calorie

11. The unit of electric current is—

(A) Ampere

(B) Om

(C) Volt

(D) Coulomb

ANSWER :- (A) Ampere

12. The unit of power of lens in SI system is?

(A) Watt

(B) diopters

(C) Opter

(D) meter

ANSWER :- (B) Diopters

13. What is used to measure decibels?

(A) hemoglobin in the blood

(B) sugar in urine

(C) intensity of sound in the atmosphere

(D) particles in the air

ANSWER :- (C) intensity of sound in the atmosphere

14. The unit of measurement of ampere is?

(A) voltage

(B) electric current

(C) resistance

(D) Power

ANSWER :- (B) Electric current

15. The SI unit of Young’s coefficient of elasticity is
(A) dyne/cm

(B) Newton/m

(C) Newton/m2

(D) m 2/s.

ANSWER :- (C) Newton/m2

16. Which of the following pairs of physical quantities do not have the same dimensional formula?

(A) force and pressure

(B) Work and Energy

(C) impulse and momentum

(D) load and force

ANSWER :- (A) Force and pressure

17. The dimension of the coefficient of heat conduction is –

(A) ML -1 T-2θ -2

(B) ML -2 T-3θ -1

(C) ML -1 T-1θ

(D) ML T-3θ -1


18. Which of the following is a vector quantity? ,

(A) force

(B) speed

(C) Energy

(D) temperature

ANSWER :- (A) Force

19. Which of the following is not a vector quantity?

(A) Momentum

(B) Velocity

(C) Angular velocity

(D) mass

ANSWER :- (D) Mass

20. Which of the following is a scalar quantity?

(A) Energy

(B) torque

(C) momentum

(D) All of the above

ANSWER :- (A) Energy

21. Which of the following is a vector quantity? 

(A) Momentum

(B) pressure

(C) Energy

(D) work

ANSWER :- (A) Momentum

22. Which of the following quantities is not a vector?

(A) Displacement

(B) Velocity

(C) force

(D) Volume

ANSWER :- (D) Volume

23. The vector quantity in the following is

(A) Velocity

(B) mass

(C) Time

(D) Length

ANSWER :- (A) Velocity

24. Which one of the following is the correct formula to find the acceleration?

(A) a = u + vt

(B) a= v-u /t

(C) a = v+u /t

(D) a=v+u/t


25. Which physical quantity is obtained in the ratio of momentum and velocity of matter?

(A) Velocity

(B) Acceleration

(C) mass

(D) force

ANSWER :- (C) Mass

26. Of objects falling freely in the void –
(A) have the same speed

(B) have the same velocity

(C) has the same acceleration

(D) equal force

ANSWER :- (C) same acceleration is

27. A girl is swinging on a swing in a sitting position. The period of oscillations when the girl stands up –

(A) will decrease

(B) will be more

(C) will depend on the height of the girl

(D) will remain unchanged

ANSWER :- (A) will be reduced

28. Suddenly a boy comes and sits on a rotating round table. What will be the effect on the angular velocity of the table?

(A) will decrease

(B) will increase

(C) will remain the same

(D) nothing can be said

ANSWER :- (A) will be reduced

29. If the velocity of an object is doubled, then –

(A) momentum is doubled

(B) kinetic energy becomes four times

(C) Both of the above are correct

(D) none of these

ANSWER :- (C) Both of the above are correct

30. There is a difference between mass and weight of a body, because –

(A) mass is variable while weight remains constant

(B) mass remains constant while weight is variable

(C) both are true

(D) both are wrong

ANSWER :- (B) Mass remains constant while weight is variable

31. “There is no change in the position and direction of any stationary or moving object unless there is an external force acting on it.” it is

(A) Newton’s first law of motion

(B) Newton’s second law of motion

(C) Newton’s third law of motion

(D) Galileo’s law of motion

ANSWER :- (A) Newton’s first law of motion

32. Acceleration produced in a body by an unbalanced force –
(A) is inversely proportional to force

(B) directly proportional to the force

(C) independent of force

(D) is zero

ANSWER :- (B) is directly proportional to force

33. “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” it is –

(A) Newton’s first law of motion

(B) Newton’s second law of motion

(C) Newton’s third law of motion

(D) none of the above

ANSWER :- (C) Newton’s third law of motion

34. Due to which Newton’s law of motion is it possible to swim in water?
(A) First rule

(B) Second Rule

(C) Third Law

(D) All of the above

ANSWER :- (C) Third Rule

35. “A body will remain at rest until an external force acts on it.” is this statement?

(A) Newton’s

(B) Einstein

(C) Archimedes

(D) Galileo’s

ANSWER :- (A) Newton’s

36. Which of the following statements is true according to Newton’s laws of motion?

(A) The definition of force is known from the first law

(B) The expression of force is found by the second law

(C) The principle of conservation of momentum is propounded by the third law

(D) All of the above.

ANSWER :- (D) All of the above.

37. What is the property of a body called by which it opposes any change in the state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line?

(A) immobility

(B) inertia

(C) total weight

(D) inertia

ANSWER :- (B) Inertia

38. Newton’s first law of motion is called?

(A) Law of conservation of momentum

(B) law of inertia

(C) Law of Mobility

(D) none of these

ANSWER :- (B) Law of inertia

39. Due to which force does a horse pulling a cart move forward?

(A) the force exerted by the cart on the horse

(B) the force exerted by the horse on the cart

(C) the force exerted by the horse on the earth with its feet

(D) the force exerted by the earth on the feet of the horse

ANSWER :- (D) The force exerted by the earth on the feet of the horse

40. On which principle does the rocket work?
(A) energy conservation

(B) Bernoulli theorem

(C) Avogadro Hypothesis

(D) momentum conservation

ANSWER :- (D) Momentum Conservation 

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