Aakash Neet Booster Test Series 2022 : Aakash NBTS 2022 PDF free Download

 Aakash Neet Booster test series is an online/offline test series conducted by Aakash Institute for the students enrolled in their distance learning program. In Aakash test papers, Concept building & initial boost is the prime motto as well as  you are being prepared for the real competition with full syllabus.Test Papers with Answer Keys are carefully crafted for students to familiarize with the actual entrance examination.

Course Objective:

1.To provide exact feel of NEET exam by providing the Question paper in line to NEET only

2.To provide a study mechanism to students by dividing the syllabus of every subject scientifically in numerous part syllabus tests and then the series of mock tests of full syllabus

3.To provide a final competitive environment amongst students across the country before NEET 2021

How is AAKASH Test Series Helpful?

For any competitive exam, preparation is the key to success. And to ensure you prepare in the right way & right direction, it is very important to have the precise tools.

In order to crack competitive exams, you need to prepare in an exhaustive manner understanding all the concepts and topics in a clear way. 
Moreover, the test series include questions from all the topics to help you understand the concepts in a better way. As most of your syllabus gets covered in test papers, you get to have a comprehensive understanding of all the subjects.

For candidates who are preparing for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) 2022 session, it is very important to keep their preparation on track. Solving the NEET mock tests can be really helpful. Solving the maximum number of NEET mock tests for 2022 can help an aspirant in understanding the real exam scenario, exam pattern and difficulty level of the exam. As the experts believe, Preparing for NEET 2022 by using the mock test is a proven strategy to crack NEET 2022.

Free NEET Mock Test 2022 by Aakash

The mock tests provided by Aakash will help students in their last stage of NEET 2022 Preparation. The Mock Tests have been prepared only after a thorough analysis of NEET previous years’ question papers. Aakash NEET Mock tests are put together based on parameters like the difficulty level, syllabus, time duration, questions from important topics, repetitive nature of concepts, etc of the actual NEET exam.

Mock tests of NEET 2022 exam are structured according to the actual NEET exam pattern with all questions only from the NEET syllabus released by the NTA.

Aakash NEET Free Mock Test 2022 – Highlights!

1. Aakash provides free mock tests for all NEET 2022 aspirants.

2. NEET Mock test series at Aakash is prepared based on the actual exam pattern to check your preparedness for the exam.
3. Aspirants will get a proper exam analysis by advanced reports on strengths, weaknesses, current preparation level & overall improvement.

How to access the NEET mock test 2022?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to access the NEET 2022 mock tests:

Visit the Aakash website (https://www.aakash.ac.in/)

Head to the NEET Mock Tests section

Fill in the requisite details like candidate’s name, Email Id, Mobile number

Select target year as “NEET 2022”

Click on “Start Test Now” and boost your NEET 2022 preparation

NEET Mock Test 2022 by the NTA

Every year, the National Testing Agency (NTA) also releases NEET mock tests for the benefit of students. The mock tests can be accessed free of cost. The mock tests are also available at the https://nta.ac.in/quiz as provided by the authorities.

How to access the NTA NEET 2022 Mock Tests?

Candidates do not need any login credentials to attempt the mock tests of NEET 2022 at the official website https://nta.ac.in/quiz. Follow the mentioned steps:

Visit the link and select the exam and year.

Select NEET under the exam category from the drop-down list.

Click on the “Start Mock Test’ Link.

You will then witness a login window displaying default Username and password. Click on the “Login” button to start the test.

General instructions will then appear on the screen. Go through all the instructions very carefully and click on the “Proceed” button.

You can now attempt the test.



Download NBTS Papers PDF link from the links given below :

 1. NBTS Paper 01Download link

2. NBTS Solution 01Download link

3. NBTS Paper 02Download link 

4. NBTS Solution 02Download link

5. NBTS Paper 03Download link

6. NBTS Solution 03Download link

7. NBTS Paper 04 Download link

8. NBTS Solution 04Download link

9. NBTS Paper 05 Download link 

10. NBTS Solution 05Download link

NEET 2022 FAQs

Question: What is the marking scheme for the NEET exam?

Answer: Here is how scores are calculated for the NEET exam:

For every correct answer, 4 marks are rewarded.
For marking the wrong option, -1 is deducted as a penalty.
For un-attempted answers, no marks will be deducted
Total Marks = 180 MCQs (to be attempted) X 4 (subjects) = 720 Marks.

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