Aakash AIATS Major Test Series for NEET 2022 Free PDF Download

The All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS) 2022 PDF tests will be conducted entirely online until the government enables coaching establishments to operate entirely in offline mode, and students will be alerted as needed. Additionally, the AIATS tests will be accessible to take online for 48 hours after the test date.

aakash neet test series 2022

Students would not be allowed to take the test again to achieve an All India Rank after then, but tests will be available afterwards for students to take for reference ranking only. Because test timings are subject to change, please double-check with the appropriate Centre / DLP department prior to the Exam Date. If the exam is scheduled in offline mode, the AIATS venue may be subject to change at any time. 

All India Akash Test Series (AIATS)For NEET 2022 PDF Download

The key to success in any competitive exam is preparation. It's also critical to have exact tools to guarantee you're preparing in the right method and in the right direction. To succeed in competitive tests, you must prepare thoroughly and thoroughly, thoroughly understanding all concepts and themes.

Furthermore, the exam series includes questions from all of the sections to help you better understand the concepts. Because test papers cover the majority of your syllabus, you will have a thorough comprehension of all subjects.

NEET Nichod Major Test Series

Sr.No.  Paper Name Download Link
1 Major Test - 1 Download
Major Test - 2 Download
3 Major Test - 3  Download
4 Major Test - 4 Download
5 Major Test - 5 Download
6 Major Test - 6 Download
7 Major Test - 7 Download
8 Major Test - 8 Download
9 Major Test - 9 Download
10 Major Test - 10 Download

NEET 2022 Nichod Major Test Series

 Sr.No. Paper Name Download Link
1 Part Test - 1 Download
2 Part Test - 2 Download
3 Part Test - 3 Download
4 Part Test - 4 Download
5 Part Test - 5 Download
6 Part Test - 6 Download
7 Part Test - 7 Download
8 Part Test - 8 Download
9 Part Test - 9 Download

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