How Watch Netflix for Free 2022 - Watch Free Netflix without subscription

 Netflix plans suck the most! I’m not a deadly fan of Netflix but yeah I’ve some awesome ideas which may help you to get Netflix for free of cost. In fact, one of my friends is using Netflix free forever!


Who doesn’t use Netflix? Each friend circle has at least one friend who spends most of the time with drinks and popcorns watching ‘stranger things’ or ‘friends’. After the Netflix trial period is been used by your friend, you’ll start getting messages like ‘hey buddy, share me your Netflix account’.

Netflix has dozens of original shows, blockbuster movies, web series, and many more. We all love to watch it but the only barrier that comes here is the subscription plans. And it’s obvious that these services are worth it.

But not everyone can afford Netflix subscription plans. There are few people who are really desperate to find out how to get Netflix for free forever. I have a few ideas which may help you for the time being and using that method you can get a Netflix account.

I’ve read a lot of articles before writing this one for the ‘Free Netflix’ but the results showed me a lot of ways to get free Netflix but some points were common and a few sites mention some ideas which were really weird and these ideas never worked.

So, I thought to come up with the clustered knowledge for free Netflix. So, here I’m mentioning the working ways for FREE Netflix.

How To Get Netflix For Free?

Free Trial, Multiple Trial, Lucky Mail, Offers, and many more ways which I have explained in more depth below. Check those methods out and then you’ll never ask anybody “How to get Netflix for free?”

I don’t know about you’ll but this question is most frequently been asked by my friends, neighbors, and colleaguesHey, do you have a Netflix account? Please share your password!

Netflix has an amazing craze and smart business strategy, no doubt! We all need Netflix for free, and you can literally use it for free but you need to know those ideas which will help you get free Netflix.

These Ways Will Lead You To Get Netflix For Free

We all know that generally, Netflix is free for one month, and if we still keep watching it for more than a month they auto charge. You can cancel the Netflix trial before the month-end comesLegally you can use it for a month and not more than that.

But you can technically use it for more than a month with different payment methods. Other than this let’s have a look at more ways to get Netflix for free.

#1. The Trial Period

If a new user uses Netflix for the first time he is given the 1 monthly subscription for free. And if the user continues to use the plan he will be charged.

This is one of the most common and famous methods to get Netflix for free. You can use different payment gateways and can access Netflix at no cost.

#2. Wait for the Lucky Mail

This totally depends on the lucky mail. When I was having my research on this article I saw a few articles which were claiming that you can receive a lucky mail. And for that, you have to wait.

This might work sometimes and sometimes not. You should wait for more than 30 days to get a mail again from them about Trial period extent’

Once you get a mail you can watch Netflix for a month more and that too free.

Yes, you read it, right? FREE!!

This might work – Call Netflix Customer Services.

I’ve not personally tried this but I think that this method can also work. Just call the customer service and tell give them a good reason, so that they can extend your trial period. Give any reason, the reason should be sensible.


I too didn’t know about this method but when I came across MoneyPantry’s article then I came to know about this.

#3. Share Plans

This is usually been seen in the friend circle. If you have friends who can’t live without Netflix then you can request them to share their Netflix account and Password. Good communication skills can get you that.

That’s true!

This is only possible if your friend or any family member has opted for a premium or standard plan. Because the standard plan has 2 screens and the premium one has 4

(Ensure that friends and family for share plans need to be in the same household.)

From the main dashboard of Netflix, you can manage your profiles and this will be helpful so that the recommendation list is not been jumbled and the user can watch whatsoever he wants.

Sharing plans is really one of the best methods for getting Netflix for zero cost.

#4. Coupons

These are sites that provide Netflix coupons. And trust me they really work.

These types of websites will help you out to get promo codes, couponsdiscounts, and a lot more. Just have a look for this and you might get a free Netflix or you’ll get amazing coupons deals to purchase Netflix.

#5. Gift Card

Where to get these gift cards for Netflix? You can buy these gift cards for yourself or can ask your mom or dad to gift it to you.

In that gift card, you’ll get an 11 digit code and through that, you can access your Netflix account.

These gift cards can be purchased on e-commerce sites like AmazonWalmart, retailers, etc. These are only available at a particular time and country.

You can buy these from amazon by email delivery. After getting it you can redeem your code by going here:

More Few Ways To Get Netflix For Free Forever

Other than the above 6 ways that I mentioned there are more ways to get it for free, so here are they have a look.

#6. Verizon Fios

Verizon Fios, Fios by Verizon is an internet service in more than 9 states in the US.

So, you can get this Netflix for free on your Verizon’s Fios account. All you need to do is:

Sign Up with Fios TV.

Choose a triple play package which will include television, phone, and internet.

After a certain period of time span maybe a month or two you’ll receive an email by Verizon’s for free Netflix.

Login and enjoy your Netflix.

As read on Lifewire, you should also be aware of the deals of Verizon Fios because they can change their Terms and conditions.

It is OK to get free for 3-4 months but after all, Netflix uses that money to create more shows and movies. And if we all start getting it for free then how will they earn?

I know it’s impossible to get free Netflix for a lifetime OR to get Netflix for free forever but then too somewhere down the line you should get yourself a subscription.

At last, you are going to pay for it, nothing can be taken for free for a long span. You can enjoy Netflix for free but not for a long period


That was it for this article. If you have got something to learn which you never knew then leave a comment below.

If you have a friend who is desperate for free Netflix ideas then share this with him that would make my day!

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