Happy Holi 2022 Whishes: On Holi, the festival of colors, send, poetry, quotes to your friends and loved ones

Holika Dahan will be done tonight. Then the next day on Friday, Holi will be played. Before Holika Dahan, Holika is worshiped with rituals. This time Holika Dahan will be done with Bhadra. Combustion will happen in all the states including Delhi, Noida, Jaipur, Patna at the same time. After Holika Dahan, the process of congratulations would start. Nowadays, in the age of social media, people send greetings on Holi to each other by sending messages on WhatsApp and Facebook. If you are also looking for some selected messages, jokes, or poetry for your special someone, then here you will get everything together.

happy holi 2022


Holi ka Gulal
be out of color
have sweetness
love in everyone's heart
be such a festival of Holi
Happy Holi

God bless that this time Holi comes like this,
Let me find my lost love,
My world is colorful only because of it
I wish he would come and apply gulal secretly...Happy Holi
Like the beautiful colors of Holi
may your life be full of colors
Happy Holi

Not only about love, this time
Just apply the color of your prayers.
Holi is the rasa of all colors
Holi is the joy of the mind,
fills happiness in life
That's why Holi is special.

Happy Holi 2022

Pichkari filled with colors of love
paint the whole world with the color of love
This color is neither known nor spoken
Happy Holi to you
Happy Holi 2022

Fragrance of Mathura,
Gokul's necklace
Fragrance of Vrindavan
rain shower,
Radha's Hope
Kanha's love
happy Holi festival to you

The color of Radha and the pitch of Kanha,
Color the whole world with the color of love,
This color is not known, no caste, no spoken,
good luck to you
Holi full of colours.

 Happy today, happy tomorrow
happy Holi every moment
in colorful Holi,
Happy Holi every color.

There are seven colors in the first ray of the sun,
May the garden be with the fragrance of flowers,
Whenever you open your eyelids,
May the color of Holi be on your face...Happy Holi

All the troubles of your life Holika Dahan
I will burn to ashes and your life
May there be happiness in me.
Warm wishes on Holika Dahan.

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