NEET Mock Test Series 2022 based on New Pattern Free PDF Download

Recently NTA (National Testing Agency) had announced the new pattern of NEET to make it easy for the students for scoring but still you need to practice as much as before. This happened because each NEET aspirant must have faced difficulties and problems in their mind on how to score well in the exam. So authorities from the NTA made a new NEET 2021 pattern for the NEET aspirants.

neet mock test 2022 new pattern

The New pattern of NEET (UG)-2021 has two Sections. Each subject will carries with it two sections. Section A will include 35 Questions and Section B will have 15 questions, out of those 15 Questions, candidates can value more highly to attempt any 10 Questions.

The new pattern for the NEET (UG)-2021 Examination for admission within the Session 2021-22 is as follows: 

The points to be noted carefully which are shown below:

 I. Each question carries 04 (four) marks and, for every correct answer candidate will get 04 (four) marks. 

II. for every incorrect answer, 01(one) mark are deducted from the whole score. 

III. To answer an issue, the candidate has got to find, for every question, the right answer/ most suitable choice. 

IV. However, after the method of the challenge of key, if quite one option is found to be correct then all/any one amongst the multiple correct/best options marked are given four marks (+4). 

Any incorrect option marked are going to be given minus one mark (-1).

Unanswered/Unattempted questions are going to be given no marks. In case, an issue is dropped/ ignored, all candidates are given four marks (+4) no matter the actual fact whether the question has been attempted or not attempted by the candidate.

These mock test are available in PDF format you can simply download them by clicking on Download.

1. Motion BTS Test Series

Motion Institute includes full syllabus Brahmashtra Test Series (BTS) - Mock Test based on New Pattern.

Sr.No.  Paper Name Question Paper  Solution
 1. Motion BTS-1  Download Download
 2. Motion BTS-2  Download Download
3. Motion BTS-3 Download Download
4. Motion BTS-4 Download Download
5. Motion BTS-5 Download Download
6. Motion BTS-6 Download Download
7. Motion BTS-7 Download Download
Upcoming Papers are in the below link:
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2. NEETprep Mock Test based on Full Syllabus New Pattern

 Sr.No. Test Name Download Links
1. Test-1 Download
2. Test-2 Download
3. Test-3 Download
4. Test-4 Download
5. Test-5 Download

If you want quick revision notes:

NEET Handbooks For Quick Revision - Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

3. Sri Chaitanya Mock Test (Grand Test) based on New Pattern

Sr.No.  Test Name Question Paper Solution
1. Grand Test- 3 Download Download
2. Grand Test- 4 Download Download

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