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Chloe Zhao explores a lot in the latest film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Eternals. The Oscar-winning director of Nomadland does so while giving us no less than 10 super superheroes, a Sentient being, a lot of ever-evolving Deviants, an end-of-the-world scenario, and the start of a series that is expected to fill the gap the Avengers left.

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It’s a lot to pack into one film, even if it comes in at a long 2 hours and 36 minutes. Zhao, though, almost pulls it off, keeping a complex story that spans from outer universe to ancient Mesopotamia, via Bollywood of now, relatively uncomplicated. Her characters or Eternals also pack in genuine diversity, good acting and a warmth that is unusual to find in films such as it, which are more intent on impressing than winning over.

Eternals Star Cast

Chloe Zhao’s highly-anticipated directorial venture Eternals hit the theatres on Friday, 5 November. The movie features every member of the Eternals including Gemma Chan as Sersi, Kumail Nanjiani as Kingo, Lia McHugh as Sprite, Brian Tyree Henry as Phastos, Lauren Ridloff as Makkari, Barry Keoghan as Druig, Don Lee as Gilgamesh, and Angelina Jolie as Thena.

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Though an official digital release date has not been announced, we can guess that Eternals will be available to buy and rent on digital platforms, as well as streaming on Disney+, after 45 days in theaters.

Disney has said that Eternals will have a 45-day theatrical run in theaters, just like the last Marvel movie from Disney, Shang-Chi. That said, it’s very possible you might have to wait a little longer than 45 days to catch Eternals on streaming.

Shang-Chi opened in theaters on September 3, and is headed to both digital and free on Disney+ on November 12, about 10 weeks in theaters. If Eternals follows a similar pattern, you will have to wait until January 2022—after the holidays—to watch Eternals on streaming.

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Eternals Movie Story

So, as the story goes, Eternals are beings with powers sent from planet Olympia by Arishem to fight the Deviants who are destroying humans on planet Earth. They came 7,000 years ago and are still around because, well, Arishem hasn’t called them back yet, though the last of the Deviants were done and dusted thousands of years ago. Why haven’t the Eternals interfered as humans stumble from one conflict to another? It is to let humanity develop, as it was intended to. Why haven’t they helped mankind along with the scientific progress at their disposal? It is to let humanity find its way, as it was intended to. Human beings have come to revere some of them as gods over the years.

Then, Deviants resurface, and the lives of the Eternals, most of whom have now settled down as humans, is upended. Zhao gives Sersi (Chan), Ikris (Hadden), Sprite (McHugh), Thena (Jolie), Gilgamesh (Dong-seok), Kingo (Nanjiani), Phastos (Tyree Henry), Makkari (Ridloff), Druig (Keoghan) and their leader, Ajak (Hayek), all individual stories and lives — some invariably getting more time than the others. In the years that they have been apart, they have found love, families, solitude, delusions of grandeur, or companionship, even fear.

What critics have to said about the movie:

"Perhaps there is the question of tone; I had the uncomfortable feeling that the all-important brash humour, DayGlo energy and operatic craziness of superheroism were being downplayed in favour of something more serious – the addictive inspiration of fast food being replaced by vegan cordon bleu. There are some nice touches and an attractive new diversity worn lightly, but this is an underpowered and uncertain film".
Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

"At its best, the diversity of faces and inclusivity of thought are an acknowledgement of how far Marvel movies have come. At its most cynical, the casting of actors who represent each of the major markets for Marvel produce is a nifty ploy to ensure a connection with audiences in any corner of the world".
Nandini Ramnath, Scroll

“'Eternals' is a fluid and sometimes bedazzling entertainment I’d place on the next tier, because it never transcends its conventionality and makes you go “Damn!” Maybe next time, Zhao can raise the stakes on the heroic vibes by mixing in a drop of nomad reality".
Owen Gleiberman, Variety

"While the zigzagging convolutions of the storytelling can prove frustrating, particularly in the film’s lumpy first half, there’s plenty to keep you engaged in the mix of camaraderie, friction and rivalry among the bantering Eternals, who are not without vulnerabilities. The script finds humor and poignancy in the challenges of a group of soldiers forced to find their purpose in a mortal world that for the longest time has not required their special skills".
David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter 

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