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The Squid Game drama series created by Hwang Dong-hyuk is a contest among 456 individuals from all walks of life, with a prize of KRW (South Korean won) 45.6 billion (approximately Rs 290 crore). The competitors, all of whom carry huge debts, play a set of children’s games that are well known in South Korea.

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The players are sequestered in a giant warehouse, and monitored at all times by guards in masks and pink bodysuits, as they play unto death. Each ‘death’ adds KRW 100 million to the winner’s purse.

Safe to say, a lot of people are watching Squid Game. The South Korean survival drama is Netflix's most successful non-English language show. According Ito Netflix boss Ted Sarandos, the horror featuring deadly children's games is on its way to overtaking Bridgerton as Netflix's biggest show ever. 

As always, when you’re trying to quantify streaming audiences, it’s important to keep in mind that Netflix’s claims about the popularity of any of its titles aren’t independently verified and, for a dozen different reasons, should not be compared to more established measurements such as Nielsen ratings. That said, there is ample evidence beyond the streamer’s own spin to suggest Squid Game — in which a group of financially challenged people hoping to win millions end up in a Hunger Games–style competition for survival — really is turning into a legit pop-culture sensation and attracting a large worldwide audience.

Squid Game has also broken through with audiences more quickly than some other recent Netflix hits, according to Parrot, soaring to the top of the company’s global-demand index faster than Money Heist’s third season. 

Squid Game South Korean Drama got picked from Netflix

Netflix has said the stylishly unsettling South Korean drama is on track to be its most popular show ever. Squid Game creator Hwang Dong-hyuk tried to get it made for a decade before Netflix picked it up. Now that it's a hit, there's a good chance more will follow after the dramatic ending to the nine-episode season 1. The series premiered Sept. 17.

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Netflix’s global TV head, Bela Bajaria, says her colleagues at Netflix Korea, under the guidance of regional content chief Minyoung Kim, had long expected big things from Squid Game, particularly when the first footage started coming in. And because consumption of K-dramas among U.S. Netflix subscribers has exploded by 200 percent in the past two years, the company was optimistic that Hwang’s epic story could overperform here and in other parts of the world. “But we could not imagine that it would be this big globally,” Bajaria tells Vulture. “We always knew it was going to be a signature title for Korea, but there’s no way to have anticipated it would be this big.”

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How was the Name was given to the series

There was a debate over the title: Bajaria tells me there “definitely was a conversation” about what to call Squid Game, though the final decision wasn’t made in Hollywood. “The team in Korea debated the title, but when they watched it, they were like, ‘This is what it is. It’s interesting, and it’s kind of odd but really memorable.’ So they really did lean in and bet on the title. Now I can’t imagine it being called anything else.”

Reviews by Audience

Debt to a cruel system is inescapable and dehumanizing, the show constantly reminds us. But beneath the hyper-violence, it also suggests that our obligations to other people can be a source of meaning, compassion, and --just maybe -- salvation.

What you've got in Squid Game, for all its now-notorious darkness, is a brave, dark, ambitious tale, at times moving and at times terrifying. Its power is in its understanding that money is survival.

Dark, twisted, and surprisingly emotional, Squid Game is a quick bloody yet visually stunning must watch.

The show is the best thing on Netflix right now. It's worth watching in one sitting over a weekend with some good snacks and company.

Best original drama ever in Netflix! Simple games with chilling outcomes! Puts spotlight on humanity's conflicting emotions and values - Survival vs Sacrifice.

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