Reliable JEE Adv Kota Study Material PDF Free Download

Reliable JEE Advanced Kota Study Materiel contains all subjects chapter in this article. We have arranged it in table format in the below post. You can download one by one clicking on Download according to your chapters. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics study materials are present chapterwise. 

jee adv kota study material pdf download

 Reliable Institute Physics Study Materials pdf free

 Sr.No. Chapter Name Download Link
1 Mathematical Tools Download
2 Rectilinear Motion Download
3 Projectile Motion Download
4 Relative Motion Download
5 Newton Law of Motion Download
6 Friction Download
7 Work Power Energy   
8 Circular Motion Download
9 Center of Mass Download
10 Rigid Body Dynamics Download
11 Simple Harmonic Motion Download
12 String Wave Download
13 Sound Wave Download
14 Surface Tension Download
15 Elasticity & Viscosity Download
16 Fluid Mechanics Download
17 KTG+ Thermodynamics Download
18 Calorimetry and Thermal Expansion Download
19 Geometrical Optics Download
20 Electrostatics Download
21 Gravitation Download
22 Error in Measurement Download
23 Current Electricity Download
24 Heat Transfer Download
25 Capacitance Download
26 Magnetic Effects of Current & Magnetic 1 Download
27 EMF(Handouts) 2 Download
28 EMI Download
29 Alternating Current Download
30 Nuclear Physics Download
31 Wave Optics Download
32 Semiconductors Download
33 Electro-Magnetic Waves Download
34 Principle of Communication Download


Reliable Institute Physical Chemistry Study Materials pdf free

Sr.No.  Chapter Name  Download Link
1 Intro To Chemistry Download
Atomic Structure Download
3 Mole Concept Download
4 Ideal Gas Download
5 Real Gas Download
6 Chemical Equilibrium Download
7 Thermodynamics-1 Download
Thermodynamics-2+ Thermochemistry Download
9 Ionic Equilibrium-Elementary Download
10 Ionic Equilibrium-Advanced Download
11 Solution Colligative Properties Download
12 Solid State Download
13 Electrochemistry Download
14 Equivalent Compound Download
15 Chemical Kinetics Download
16 Surface Chemistry Download

Reliable Institute Inorganic Chemistry Study Materials pdf free

Sr.No.  Chapter Name  Download Link
1 Periodic Table Download
2 Basic Inorganic Nomenclature Download
3 Chemical Bonding Download
4 S-Block Download
5 Boron and Carbon Family Download
6 Coordination compounds Download
7 Metallurgy Download
QUA-1 Download
9 N&O Download
10 H&NG Download
11 QUA-2 Download
12 D&F Block Download
13 Hyrdrogen Download


Reliable Institute Organic Chemistry Study Materials pdf free

Sr.No.  Chapter Name Download Link
1 IUPAC+Structural ISO. Download
2 Structural(ISO.+IDENT.)+POC-1 Download
3 GOC-1 Download
4 GOC-2 Download
5 Stereoisomerism Download
6 GOC-3 Download
7 Hydrocarbon Download
8 H,A&E-1 Download
9 H,A&E-2 Download
10 Reduction Oxidation Hydrolysis Download
11 Aromatic Download
12 Carbonyl Download
13 Biomolecules Download
14 Polymers+POC-2+PPOC Download

Chemistry Everyday Life and

Environmental Chemistry



Reliable Institute Mathematics Study Materials pdf free

Sr.No.  Chapter Name Download Link
1 FOM-1 Download
2 Quadratic Equation Download
3 Trigonometry Download
4 Sequence & Series Download
5 FOM-2 Download
6 Binomial Theorem Download
7 Permutation and Combination Download
8 Straight Line Download
9 Circle  Download
10 Conic Section Download
11 SOT Download
12 Statistics Download
13 Mathematical Reasoning Download
14 R,F & ITF Download
15 LCD Download
16 MOD Download
17 AOD Download
18 Probability Download
19 M&D Download
20 Indefinite Download
21 Definite Integration Download
22 Differential Equation Download
23 Vector 3D Download
24 Complex Number Download


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