Aakash Study Material 2021 FREE PDF DOWNLOAD - Class 11th and 12th PCB MODULES

Aakash Institute Notes PDF Download Study Material, Aakash Institute Biology Study Material, Aakash Institute Zoology Study Material, Aakash Institute Botany Study Material. Hello Aspirants, today we have brought Aakash Institute Study Material specially for you guys. This is important for those students who prepare for IIT-JEE & NEET, then you must read this article given by us once because here we have brought many study material for you. This will be of great help for the students preparing for your upcoming competitive exams like IIT JEE & NEET, through this post, then you must read these study materials once. Aakash Educational Services Limited (AESL) is a Medical Institute which was formed in 2008. Aakash Institute prepares for IIT JEE & NEET. IIT JEE & NEET medical and engineering entrance exams have an important place in India. The institute provides education to over 80,000 students with an annual student base and has more than 100 education centers across India.

aakash neet study material

The syllabus prescribed by CBSE is the main content for the NEET-UG exam, consisting of three sections Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. NEET-UG study material strengthens your understanding of fundamental concepts and develops problem-solving skills. NEET study material is prepared by highly qualified medical professionals and top ex-medical faculty members. Study material backed by study notes, practice questions, shortcuts, and tips and tricks, helps students to improve performance in the highly competitive exam. Also, various solved examples along with questions from previous year's papers are included in the study material to ensure that students get enough practice for NEET 2021. 

Aakash Study Material 2021 Download

Aakash Institute prepares you for IIT JEE & NEET. It has more than 100 branches all over India. This institute is known for preparing for Medical and Engineering. If you also want to prepare for IIT JEE and INEET, then you can take admission to this institute. It also provides online education sitting at your home.

In below tables we have provided you class 11th and class 12th Modules one by one. To download the PDFs you have to simply click on download and it will be redirected to a page then you can save it. Each modules have different tables like Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Physics Modules:

Sr.No.  Physics 11th Class Modules  PDF Links
 1. Physical World Download
 2. Units and Measurements Download
3. Motion in a Straight Line Download
4. Motion in a Plane Download
5. Laws of Motion Download
6. Work, Energy, and Power Download
7.  System of Particles Download
8. Gravitation Download
9. Mechanical Properties of Solids Download
10. Mechanical Properties of Fluids Download
11. Thermal Properties of Matter Download
12. Thermodynamics Download
13. Kinetic Theory  Download
14. Oscillations


15. Waves




 Sr.No. Physics 12th Class Modules PDF Link
 1.  Electric Charges and Fields Download
 2.  Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance Download
 3.  Current Electricity Download
 4.  Moving Charges and Magnetism  Download
 5.  Magnetism and Matter Download
 6.  Electromagnetic Induction  Download
 7.  Alternating Current Download
 8.  Electromagnetic Waves Download
 9.  Ray Optics and Optical Instruments Download
10.  Wave Optics Download

Chemistry  Modules:

Sr.No.  Chemistry 11th Class Modules PDF Link
1. Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry Download
2. Structure of Atom Download
3. Classification of Elements and Periodicity Download
4. Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure Download
5. States of Matter Download
6. Thermodynamics Download
7. Equilibrium Download
8. Redox Reactions Download
9. Hydrogen Download
10. S-Block Elements Download
11. P-Block Elements Download
12. Organic Chemistry Download
13. Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis Download
14. Hydrocarbons Download
15. Environmental Chemistry Download

Sr.No. Chemistry 12th Class Modules PDF Links
1. Solid State Download
2. Solutions Download
3. Electrochemistry Download
4. Chemical Kinetics Download
5. Surface Chemistry Download
6. Coordination Compounds Download
7. Metallurgy Download
8. P-Block Elements Download
9. D and F Block Elements Download
10. Haloalkanes and Haloarenes Download

Biology Modules:

 Sr.No. Biology Modules 2021 PDF Links
1. The Living World Download
2. Biological Classification Download
3. Plant Kingdom Download
4. Morphology of Flowering Plants Download
5. Anatomy of Flowering Plants Download
6. Cell: The Unit of Life Download
7. Cell Cycle and Cell Division Download
8. Photosynthesis in Higher Plants Download
9. Respiration in Plants Download
10. Animal Kingdom Download
11. Structural Organisation in Animals Download
12. Biomolecules Download
13. Digestion and Absorption Download

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